Implementation of management systems

Management systems create a clear and practical work scheme on condition that they are adapted and integrated inside the company’s processes. They clearly define internal responsibilities and ensure that attention to environmental aspects, a good and safe working environment and high quality products and services go hand in hand. These area’s do not exclusively belong to the working environment of the environmental coordinator, health and safety officer or quality coordinator alone, but are of interest for the whole organization. Sertius can assist you in all phases regarding the integration of management systems and / or processes of change inside the organisation, starting at the initial decision to implement up to the certification.

Our services:    
  • Choice and application of a environmental, occupational health and safety or integrated system (ISO 14001, EMAS,…)
  • Tailor made service, from control of documents to project management
  • Administrative assistance:
    composition of a manual, elaboration of procedures, instructions,….
  • Execution of initial analyses, SWAT – analyses, action plan
  • Coaching of employees, training of internal auditors
  • Awareness building strategy
  • Integration of quality, safety and environmental policy integration in order to maximize system value
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