Since 1967 European companies are subjected to a legislation w.r.t. chemical substances. Recently, on December 30th 2006, the new REACH regulation has been introduced. It will replace the existing legislation in the short term.

‘REACH’ stands for Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of CHemicals. The Regulation is applicable from 1st June 2007 onwards to everybody who manufactures, imports in the EU, distributes or uses more than 1 ton of chemicals or preparations.

Sertius is at your disposal with a multidisciplinary team for the guidance of your company through the REACH-process: after a well-considered selection of the concerned chemicals, the company receives an overview of the impact of REACH on his operation. A systematic and structured approach at pre-registration and registration, communication and consciousness-raising within the company, guarantees your successful transition to the REACH-system.
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