In an organization, a profound audit report dealing with legal, technical and financial aspects related to the environmental efforts and compliance issues, supports the related management area strongly. Our group of experts makes a distinction between six types of audits: a ‘compliance’ or conformity check, a due diligence audit, the environmental analysis, the audit as stipulated in the decree dd. 19th April 1995 (Flemish region), a system audit (management systems) and technical audits. Because of the knowledge present in the area of relevant environmental legislation and our technical know how, Sertius can offer you a product with a high level of added value to your organization.

Our services:
  • Compliance checks:
    evaluation of a real situation in comparison with applicable legal conditions, supported by a defined action plan.
  • Due diligence work:
    evaluation of possible financial consequences of non compliance situations, soil,….
  • Periodical audits as established by the decree dd. 19th April 1995
  • Environmental analysis when setting up an environmental management system
  • Periodical system audits evaluating the results and degree of acceptance of a system, its procedures and instructions
  • Technical audits regarding specific aspects, a.o. dangerous products, waste, water and emission housekeeping, energy, CO2,…
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